Marschallin - Der Rosenkavalier

"...a great lady and an actress par excellence. A Diva with a world class voice..."

"... these include, certainly as a highlight, the monologue of the Marschalln. Janice Dixon is simply a revelation in this role: a voice like a precious gem, formed with an intimacy, a blazing brilliance, an artlessness in expression and coloring, which deeply moves..."
Stefan Koch, Mannheimer Morgen

"... a round, smokey timbre in every facet that lies with Strauss-like charme over the Orchestra, formed and modeled the broad arching phrases with a full warmth through the jubilant highpoints and to the sensual lowpoints, through lucious Piani to sensitive Crescendi to audaciously creamy Fortes and back with a long breath."
Das Opernglas

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